Saturday, February 5, 2011

first, am not a fan of bolly..

but hey! there are few movies which are heart-drenching, 
with beautiful poetry, thus making us sink deep into the eternal love

when i have your hands in mine,
i have with me the heaven divine

as close as fragrances are to breath
as close as songs are to lips
as close as hands are to embraces
as close as dreams are to eyes
as close as raindrops are to clouds
as close as moon is to night
as close as waves are to ocean that close to me, oh my love

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

every step on earth

"consider ourselves lucky!"

makan pakai cukup
kasih sayang cukup

apa lagi yang hati mahu?

cuba tutup mata. bayangkan.
apa jadi jika saat ini,
Tuhan tarik semula nikmat yang telah Dia pinjamkan buat kita?

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